1. Introduction

Aaxiom Technology Private Limited is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and it is important to us that you are satisfied with the service we provide. However, in spite of our best efforts, there may be occasions when our service does not meet the high standards we set out for ourselves, or that you as a customer might reasonably expect of us. This complaints and dispute resolution policy governs how we handle complaints you may wish to raise with us in these situations.

2. Policy objective

The objective of this policy is to embed an effective, fair and efficient complaint handling process. In developing this policy, Aaxiom Technology has adopted industry best practice and guidelines for complaints handling in organizations.


We are committed to an integrated complaint handling process and to providing the necessary support and resources for that process to operate effectively (including the provision of appropriately trained staff, and having robust complaints reporting procedures in place).


We will ensure that information about how to make complaints and how we will handle any complaint is well-publicized and easily available to customers and other interested parties using best endeavours to respond to customer’s written enquiry or complaint within 5 business days by answering the enquiry or complaint or acknowledging its receipt and indicating how we will deal with the complaint or enquiry; advising you of the period within which we expect to address your complaint; assigning your complaint to the relevant person or department at Aaxiom Technology; addressing your complaint in a timely fashion, having regard to the nature of the complaint and the complexity of the relevant circumstances; updating you as to our progress in addressing your complaint, and the period within which we expect to resolve the complaint; and advising you of our proposed resolution of your complaint, or any other proposed outcome, as soon as practicable.


We will ensure that your complaint is addressed in a manner, which is:

  • - fair;
  • - flexible;
  • - objective;
  • - impartial; and
  • - consistent with this policy, all applicable laws and other regulatory instruments, and our handling of any previous complaint of a similar nature.

  • Investigation of complaints

    We will use all reasonable efforts to investigate all relevant circumstances and other information in relation to your complaint.

    Customer-focused approach

    We aim to distinguish ourselves by our high level of customer service. We will at all times adopt a customer-focused approach, both in handling your complaint and in all other dealings with you, including by:

  • - ensuring you are able to lodge your complaint easily and effectively in accordance with this policy;
  • - complying at all times with this policy and all applicable laws and other regulatory instruments in relation to the handling and resolution of your complaint;
  • - keeping you updated as to our progress in resolving your complaint; and
  • - always treating you in a courteous and respectful manner.

  • Accountability

    We will ensure we are fully accountable for your complaint, including by:

  • - giving you an opportunity to provide comments or ask questions;
  • - providing complaints resolution procedures in accordance with this complaints resolution policy; and
  • - recording the details of your complaint in our client management system, and using this information to measure broader customer satisfaction with our services and help us improve our services.

  • Continual improvement

    We will seek to continually improve our customer service and our complaints resolution policy and procedures, including by:

  • - reviewing and updating this policy on a regular basis, as discussed below; and
  • - recording complaints in our client management system, and using this to measure customer satisfaction with our services and help us improve our services.